safeguard Infrastructure

With a Structural Digital Twin

Digital Twin Lab

Advanced Risk Assessment

At Timezyx, we are pioneers in transforming risk assessment in the realm of infrastructure management, particularly in the context of extreme climate effects. Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly combines physics-based methods with Artificial Intelligence (AI), leveraging the power of Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINN) to offer a holistic understanding of potential risks.

Addressing Extreme Climate Risks

Climate change poses unprecedented challenges to the resilience of critical structures. Our Digital Twin Lab, empowered by PINN, incorporates extreme climate scenarios into the analysis, allowing us to precisely assess the risks associated with rising temperatures, severe weather events, and shifting environmental conditions. By identifying vulnerabilities in advance, our clients can implement adaptive strategies to safeguard their assets.

Step Into the Future
With Timezyx?

Many companies provide digital twins, but only Timezyx leverages the power of advanced physical modelling and machine learning to deliver you meaningful and accurate predictions of future infrastructure performance. Don’t just react to problems as they happen. Anticipate issues in advance and make data-informed decisions.

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